Every October, writers join together in a challenge “31 days of…” The idea is that every day, for 31 days, we will write on a specified topic. Each writer chooses something different, but stays true to that topic throughout the month. Today is the fourth day of the month as I write this (but not as I publish) and I haven’t even chosen a topic.

Prior to writing this, I finished chapter 1 of John Acuff’s book “Finish” (a.k.a. I just started the book). In it, he suggests that the hardest day ever goal seeking isn’t the middle or the end, but rather “the day after perfect.”


The day when I didn’t follow the training schedule 100% and I’m faced with the “what next?” question. Right after I eat a piece of cake not “allowed” on my diet, and start to reason that the sugary punch would pair well with that dessert.

Only beginning to write four days into the challenge, rather than on day one, I’ve already blown perfection. With that hurdle out-of-the-way, I can get to work without fear of failure.

Today I finally choose my writing topic. Not-quite 31 days of FINISHing. After all, just because I might have been in the Porta potty when the starting gun sounded, doesn’t mean I’m going to get my car and abandoned the race.

What do you need to finish today? Or at least stop abandoning?

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