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Why do I doubt my ability to follow through when I set a goal? I have over 20 half marathons and four full marathons which say I can do the work enabling me to cross the finish line.

In most of those races, “just” finishing was enough for me – the spoken goal even. Once I prove myself on the first race of each distance, my confidence and muscle memory carried me through the rest.

Why do these other goals seem more daunting? Healthy eating? Consistent writing? In these areas, why do I seek perfection, and not accept showing up as a victory?



Monday started the first week of the six-week healthy eating challenge. Each day, points are awarded for meeting certain goals. Each three servings of vegetables? Score 5 points! Drink 64oz of water? 3 more points! This is the kind of small attainable goal setting I need to strive for.

Do small things with great love.
This idea I’ve slowly been accepting for others seems to apply to me as well.

Lots of “me” and “I” in this post. Caring for myself, my health shouldn’t be the end game. Healthy living can, however, help me help others. Sometimes that means running the

What is one thing you can do today to help your tomorrow be more healthy? What does self-care look like in your world?

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