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While 6-week diet challenges or 12-week training programs aren’t easy, how much more difficult is it when there is no tangible finish line?

Spring blooms, summer heat, and fall allergies have sidelined me, at least as far as outdoor running is concerned. Instead, I’ve logged my miles from the treadmill at my climate-controlled gym.


While the mechanics are similar, running on the treadmill just isn’t the same as pounding the pavement. Running outside – especially with an out and back route – provides a feeling of accomplishment a machine in the gym can’t.

At the halfway point of a run, my body knows that most of the work is behind me. While physically the treadmill is easier (incline, wind resistance and the like), I find it more difficult. With nothing but the story arch of my Netflix show to guide me, the treadmill offers no concrete way of knowing just how far I’ve traveled. (The display readout of the machine excluded, of course.)

Most of my life’s work is more like treadmill running than logging miles outside in nature. Coffee, work, dinner prep, sleep, repeat; the days all look the same. The calendar marks the days as they pass – the miles on the display – but the scenery never changes.

Though there is seemingly no finish line for things like household chores, loving my family, or even giants like forgiveness, we still must press on without giving up.

The Bible calls us to both love, and not worry about tomorrow. Perhaps the finish line for these never-ending tasks is bedtime each day. And I should thank God when I’m granted new mercies the next day to get up and do it all over again.

Time to step on that treadmill and get today’s work done.

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