Wednesday night I sacrificed 3 hours of sleep because of a love dating back decades. Yes, I did stay up to watch the Yankees win an incredible comeback series. No, I don’t regret it. Mostly.

After blowing a lead in game 2 of the Amercian League Divison Series against the Cleveland Indians, the New York Yankees seemed to be running out of steam. I’ll spare you the play-by-play because you fall into one of three camps:

  1. You love the Yankees and already know every last exciting detail.
  2. You hate the “evil Empire” and you want to give me the big thumbs down.
  3. You are apathetic about sports and are ready for me to get on with the metaphor’s real-life application.

For the purpose of writing, I’ll assume you’re #1 and are celebrating with me. Wanna chant “we’re #1” with me? No? Moving right along…

A few months ago I received a letter asking for a favor. Adam* asked me to please write letters to congressmen advocating for change.

Words I actually said:

These letters won’t change anything, but he’s asked for help. If nothing else comes of it, at least he knows he has people who care about him and are willing to speak on his behalf.

So I wrote the director of the Tennessee Department of Corrections. And I sent copies of my letter to those who were elected to represent me in Nashville, then I helped my parents do the same. I had done my part, including adding the situation to my minister’s the prayer list. And then I stepped away.

Receiving a couple of responses in my mailbox surprised me. One was negative, and the other neutral. I filed them away and moved on.

Weeks, if not months have since passed. Tuesday night I received another letter from Adam. His tone had obviously changed, along with his address. A request to transfer him back to his original prison had been granted.

God I believe. Forgive my unbelief!

Last night the Yankees took the field, 9 innings away from an incredible comeback. A-A-ron, CC, Didi, and the crew kept me on the edge of my seat all night. The team giant played a small part, but teamwork resulted in the win.

At midnight last night, 3 full hours after my bedtime, I fell asleep knowing that we were moving on. We had gotten the win.

What victory are you celebrating today?

NOTE: I wrote this before listening to the That Sounds Fun podcast, where host Annie F. Downs interviewed Carlos Whittaker. She actually jokes: “I do like to over-connect spirituality and sports.” In context, they chatted about the manner in which New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. Tuesday reading his letter, I had one of those “wait, we won?” moments they discuss in the podcast. And it really is wonderful.