In the span of one day, I both started and abandoned at audiobook on developing poise in one’s life. In a month devoted to writing on the topic of finishing, it might seem odd that I’m sharing about giving up. Actually, a vital part of seeing a project to the end is not getting derailed by side projects or ideas which don’t relate back to the original goal.

You see, I’m not the kind of person who writes or speaks in a manner such as “one’s life” but rather I liberally use the second person.

After listening to the book through the first of four parts, I realized that tips on confidence and self-assurance were going to be buried in fashion tips and lessons on how to be “classy.”

I began considering my life’s focus when I wrote out my manifesto earlier in the year. In order to accomplish your goals, in order to finish, you must know exactly what you want to achieve.


In this case, abandoning the book brought me one step closer to reaching the finish line. Carrying myself with an aristocratic poise does little to facilitate my calling in life. My goal, my life centers around love and authenticity. And yes my authenticity sometimes includes the spiritual gift of loud, whether my husband likes it or not.

(I’m proud to say that my first ever Nashville Predators game was historically loud. Don’t you dare call it coincidence.)

This is not to be taken as a criticism of those who choose a more polished life. The attributes the author describes have certainly helped her life, and seemingly helps others as well. Her ideas are not bad things, they are just not the right things for me.

In order to be content, I must understand the difference between who I wish I could be, and who I meant to be. Diamonds and pearls studs dominate my earring selections not because they are classics because they don’t interfere with my lunchtime workouts.

But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that on any given day I might be wearing my Darth Vader earrings. At heart, I’m more quirky then classy, and that’s alright with me.