2017 Book List Review

Over the past year, I’ve read 68 books. Reviewing my Good Reads list, I’d already forgotten about some. A handful, however, touched my heart. In Still Waiting, Ann Swindell bears her soul and shares the unanswered prayer of her heart.

Waiting on the one

Melanie Shankle’s Church of the Small Things encouraged me to see the beauty in the every-day, while also making me laugh hard enough to earn an eye roll from my darling. Someone who reads articles about real estate and bitcoin has difficulty understanding how a book could be that amusing.

church of the small things - glamourous

Dragon’s Teeth by Michael Crichton wasn’t sad on its own merit. However, reading the final pages the novel, published almost a decade after his death, had me mourning all over again. I’m sure that sounds melodramatic for anyone who’s not a book lover, but favorites are hard to come by. And its not every day a man invents a way to bring dinosaurs back from extinction, even if only in our minds.

I’ve set a goal of 100 books for 2018. I feel the need to clarify that in expanding my goal, I’m also expanding what I count towards that goal. (For inspiration, check out Jon Acuff’s post on the subject.)

Books which count towards my total
YA fiction
Children’s literature
Bible study workbooks

Pretty much, if its got “book” in the name, it counts. Help me out! What should I put on my must read list?

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