I’m not a yogi by any stretch of the imagination (ha – see what I did there?), but when I think intention, I think about setting an intention for my yoga practice. In reality, my “practice” is a once a week class I may (or may not) attend at my gym.

For a stretch in the summer, I was a regular. After work, I’d go to yoga class, then join my hubby and our neighbors at a local restaurant for trivia. I can’t remember what made me fall out of the habit. More than the physical benefits, I loved the way yoga soothed my anxiety. Slowing down, thinking about my breath helped to quiet my soul.

Setting an intention, a thought I want to consider for an entire hour, seems like a huge task, but in reality, I always kept it simple.


Thinking about the intention of yoga translates into real life as well. I want to make serving God some big hairy thing. Instead, it is love and service in small faithful steps. Not always easy, mind you. And never without cost. But a flow.

First one thing, then the next.
Small step, big step.
Until the job is done.

I’m joining the Five Minute Friday gang today as we write about the idea of being intentional.