A bit late to the game, I decide to join the #100DayProject – a hashtag gathering of creatives around the inter webs as they commit to their art for 100 days straight. While I struggle to consider my writing art, I do want to actively be more focused about recording my life’s adventures.

I’m fighting some respiratory gunk, so for the past two days I’ve traded my usual lunch break workout for time considering my blog. Today, rather than actually writing (I left the keyboard portion of my tablet at home) I considered possible topics for the coming days.

Should I write about the 100 Day Project? Does writing about the project count when the project is writing? Even if it does, is it something anyone is interested in reading?

One of my favorite non-fiction authors is David Sedaris. He admits to carrying a pen and notebook with him, capturing interesting bits of life in the everyday. I’m currently listening to the audiobook version of his diary entries.

His actual diary is edited and abridged for the sake of of this work, yet still leaves in some of the most random entries. Rather than the journal musings of a best selling author, at times the entries are merely one or two lines about something seemingly inconsequential.

In contract, other samples are no doubt the beginnings of some of his more popular essays, the kind of sophisticated writing a fan would expect. The blend encourages me as a writer. Not all of his words have deeper meaning or humorous context.

Sometimes today’s seemingly pointless words help get the juices flowing for tomorrow’s well thought out creation.

#100DayProject participants are encouraged to use both the group hashtag, as well as come up with a unique one to make their own work standout. Today at lunch, I considered what my label might be.#100DaysofAwkwardAdventures crossed my mind, but I wondered if that set too lofty of a goal for the writing I would do. After all, every day can’t be an adventure.

My previously mentioned respiratory issues encouraged me to get cough syrup at the grocery store while I shopped for the necessities (coffee and frozen chicken nuggets). The cashier asked me for my birthday, as required by law when buying the medicine.Me: June 7, 19XXHer: What month?Me: June.Her: What month is that?Me: {Speechless}Her: Is that 6?Me: {Slowly.} Yes. 6-7-XXPushing my groceries out of the store, I ruminated over the exchange. “I’ve got to post this on Facebook” was followed with wondering if that would make me seem like I was making fun of her. (I suppose I am, yet somehow feel justified.)”No – I have to blog it!” While I had this conversation with myself, I grabbed my bags and left the mini-cart at the front of the store. As I loaded them into the trunk of my car, I realized I’d left my cell phone in the handle/shelf portion of my grocery cart. I trotted back into the store to retrieve it, but the cart had disappeared, already selected by another customer.I asked both the customer service clerk and the cashier nearest the door where I returned my cart, but my phone had NOT been turned in. Starting in the produce section, I looked at the carts of everyone who had a mini-cart. Plenty of people had the size cart I was looking for, but none – from the produce to the organic section to the deli to the meat section had my phone. Then I caught a glimpse of my purple case as someone came from the bread aisle and started down the back of the store.I broke out in a run to give chase. “Excuse me!” I yelled when I got close enough for the stranger to realize I was talking to him. I stopped beside his cart. “Is that your phone?” He looked down, and seemed to be forming the word “yes” when he stopped. “No.” He looked confused. I told him it was mine and grabbed it. “What? Were you hear earlier?” He asked. I explained what happened and he said “Oh, I didn’t see it when I first got the cart. Then it appeared when you did. I thought you might be a time traveler or something.””We can’t discuss it if I am,” I said as I was walking away. “I wouldn’t want to mess up the timeline.”

For the remaining 97 days of writing, I’m going to attempt to find the adventure in the every day. They may not all involve time travel, but I hope they can bring a smile to someone’s face. Even if its just future me, using my words as a time machine to travel back in my memories to revisit my adventures.