I feel like all my stories start this way – picture it 2017. A fun story Brooke never got around to blog about, but is crucial information for a #100daysofawkwardadventures post.Last year Jay and I enjoyed watching our neighborhood geese as they nested. Three babies hatched, and we joked about how the other two sets of adult geese were the grandparents coming to visit their new grandgeese.

The geese occasionally visit Camp Fradd (my name for our house), but for the most part hang out in our across-the-creek neighbor, who has a beautiful pond. Jack’s cabin is an overnight rental, and we weren’t sure exactly how he felt about having to deal with all that poop in his yard.

Still, my darling and I considered them “our” geese. Then, seemingly overnight, they were gone.

Jack is one of Jay’s buddies and we’ve always gotten along, but I’ll admit I accused him (behind his back) of murdering the geese. We missed the little guys and I’d yell “MURDERER!” At the window as his van passed the house.

Then, magically, in the fall of last year, they reappeared. How do I know for sure its them? Well if the 2 parents and 3 kids didn’t give it away, the 2 sets of grandparents did. See, geese do this thing called migration. And we’re the south they fly to in the winter.


Sorry Jack.

The 3 teenagers (geese age quickly) left home, quite frankly I didn’t notice when. Soon enough, Mama Goose was on her nest again. We’ve had a weird winter/spring combo this year in Tennessee. Unseasonably warm days followed by cold snaps.

Add to that punk renters in neighbor’s cabin messing with the geese, and Jay and I worried that the babies wouldn’t be able to make it. But, as they say in Jurassic Park, nature finds a way.

This morning I noticed Daddy Goose closer to the nest than he’s been in a few days and Mama Goose on the nest. In the picture, the nest is just behind the bushes between the rocks and the pond.

I’m not sure why I stopped and patiently watched, that’s not usually my style. Jay is the one in the family with the patient eye for photography. He’s the one with the temperament for troubleshooting. Heck – he’s even long-suffering with that high maintenance wife of his. Just kidding…but seriously.

I hovered for a bit, and noticed some yellow and brown fluff, near the mama, but still far enough away I knew it couldn’t be her. I woke Jay up and let him know we had new neighbors. He was on baby watch until we left for church, trying to scope out just how many babies there are.

This afternoon, we still hadn’t seen them out and about. I went outside to read on the hammock, and I noticed the mama lift her wings and the babies crawled out. I didn’t have my camera for pictures, but there are 6 of them. Jay got a video of them taking a swim in the creek.

Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures to share over the next few days.