In my early teens, my parents, sister, and I flew to Honolulu for an island vacation getaway. During one of our layovers, Vegas I believe, I fell asleep on one of the benches with only armrests on either side. Somehow, I must have done a bit of tossing and turning, and when the time came to board the plane, my head was stuck.

Now none of this is in my actual memory. I don’t think I fully woke up when my parents tried to get me moving. My ability to sleep pretty much anywhere makes me a great traveler, but in this case, I was an extra burden for my parents.


I must have sleep-walked onto the plane, because my first recollection is on the plane in my seat. This story proves my life’s motto: things going wrong make for the best memories.

Joining the crew over at Five Minute Friday in today’s prompt: stuck. The idea is to see where the word takes you in 5 minutes, with minimal editing and reorganizing. Since free writing is kinda my jam, I think its a perfect fit as I explore #100daysofawkwardadventures.