Once the newness wears off, I’ll probably not give a class-by-class breakdown of what we are doing and what I’m learning during my Foothills Voices class sessions. For now, however, you’ll just have to bear with me.

The class starts off with meetings twice a month* then shifts to monthly once we get to know everyone in the class and we start to find our group cohesion.

*First, I typed bimonthly, then I googled if that means every other month or twice a month. It means both. Then realized if I didn’t even know what I meant, how would my readers? I read that fortnightly is a good substitute, because a fortnight is 14 days. Reading the discussion comments, however, said this was not recommended. Only British English speakers, pretentious Americans, and those in a “200-year coma” would use the word. So now you know.

The class does not have a set meeting room in the library, and the 2nd class met in the Learning Lab. This is the only meeting facility located in a different building, but in the same complex.  There are enough computers in the lab to allow us to follow along as our presenters showed us places on the internet to find helpful research information.

Since I haven’t picked my research topic yet, I followed along without getting bogged down in the details. The presentations focused more on making us aware of the resources. My favorite part involved logging into the library’s ancestory.com account and looking up some of my old family records.

I found out my great-grandfather gave my grandmother his sister’s middle name, as well as details in his enlistment in the army during World War II. I also saw a photo of his marriage application with my great-grandmother.

On my dad’s side of the family, I found where my grandparents and 6 of my aunts and uncles were recorded in the 1940 census. (My dad is the youngest of 9, so he and two others hadn’t yet come on the scene.)

This research heightened my desire to write about a family story, but I’m still not sure which story I want to tell or how much research information would be available for the subject.