Once again this week I’m joining the Five Minute Friday gang. This week we’re free writing for – you guessed it, 5 minutes, on the word “adapt.”

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a bit of beating myself up because I haven’t been adapting to my new routine, when it comes to fitting in exercise. I’ve been plugging along in my #100dayproject – writing every day for at least 5 minutes.


Many days I’ve spent my lunch break at the library pounding away on the keyboard. This the time I used to spend at the gym, and haven’t been able to find a slot for it other wise. While I’ve done a couple of workouts after work, and I literally mean two in the past two weeks, no where near my standard of acceptable.

What had determined “acceptable?” In my mind, working out as many days in the week as not. Also, my employer offers a wellness benefit to those who get 30 workouts in a quarter. That’s 10 workouts a month or roughly 2.5 a week.

I’m not hitting that mark, and I’m not okay about it. My five minutes of writing are up, but I don’t have any answers. If you’ve got suggestions I’m open to them.