Today is day 2 of my new training routine. The plan called for 20 minutes of running with fartleks built in. Actually, it called them “speed surges” or some such, but fartlek is so much more fun to say.

That also means that today is day two of not writing at lunch. I didn’t write at all this weekend after spending most of my time with my sister and her family. I had spent the previous week exhausted, and so I slept in gloriously late on Saturday.

By the time I woke up and got motivated, it was time to head to Mamaw and Papaw’s for a visit, followed by my nephew’s last soccer game of the season. After the game, we went back to my sister’s to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and watch the Preds get pummeled by the Jets in Game 5 of their series.

Sunday morning we decided on our meal plan for that day’s batch cooking session. By we I mean she. I hung out on the couch, sulked about Nashville’s loss, and snuggled a bit with my nephew.

We spent the the rest of the day cooking and packaging meals, but that’s a blog for a different day. (Do I always say that? I feel like I always say that.)

Bottom line: I didn’t have/make quite time in my day to write any adventure posts. So when I gave up my lunch break writing sessions in exchange for running, I feared I would give up on the 100 Day Project barely a tenth of the way through.

I made sure to get some writing time in, although I found myself once again feeling like there were not enough hours in the day. I get home from work around 5:30, deal with dinner.

Last night specific, the Predators played a must-win game 6 against the Jets. They played the game in Winnipeg, so the puck-off didn’t happen until 9:30 eastern time. (I’ve taken to calling it “puck-off” because my mom accidentally mixed “face off” and “puck drop” and “puck-off” has been a thing ever since.)

I knew I needed to lay down around 7 o’clock if I wanted a nap before the game. Previous games starting this late had lasted until well after midnight, and so I knew my only hope for staying awake for the whole thing was a nap.

While I couldn’t commit the timeline to paper if you made me, somehow I managed to squeeze making dinner, some household chores, consuming dinner, and writing in the 90 minute span in I had before putting myself down for a nap.

I mixed myself a drink, then set up shop porch. Writing to the sound of the creek is peaceful and relaxing. I love sitting out here, yet somehow its one of those activities I find myself not doing nearly enough.

Tonight is easier because I have until bedtime to get it done. As I sit here, I feel like I’ve found the perfect solution. I know the honeymoon will end though. Tomorrow night I’ll not be home until 9PM ish thanks to weekly team trivia with my neighbors. Thursday night Jay and I are once again heading to Nashville.

Reminding myself that perfection isn’t necessary, or even the goal, will hopefully go a long way. Maybe just 5 minutes of writing in my journal will be enough. After all, I’ve experienced hurt feelings this week I could use some time to process, just me, a pen, and the page.

(I’m not sure if I’m extra sensitive or if this is just a part of adult life. Part of me thinks both. If you think I’m just sensitive please keep that to yourself, but if you experience the same thing and just think its part of adulting please leave a comment and let me know!)

Written prayer is another way I could keep the 100 days of writing going. I’m currently using a prayer book to guide both my morning and my evening prayer routines, and I’m loving it. However I do miss the honesty which comes with taking the time to write and truly consider my thoughts.

Visualizing my training plan set out over the course of the cycle helps me to know today is a small, but necessary piece of the whole picture. Maybe I need to commit to a monthly writing calendar so that I don’t have to spend precious time figuring out what I’m going to put to words. Perhaps having the plan all sketched and then getting the joy of crossing out an “assignment” will help motivate me to stay on track.

Are you participating in the #100dayproject? What keeps you on track when you start to make excuses and get lazy as you are working towards your goals?