I love tracking progress in all areas of life. From keeping a list of books I’ve read this year to the joy of crossing a workout off of my training plan, the act of tracking almost makes me feel more accomplished than the item itself.

My current blog plan is to participate in Heather’s monthly Share Four Somethings link-up as I did for the month of April. I’ve also been tracking my year-long goals in my Bullet Journal at the end of each month.

In January, I considered what areas of life I wanted to be more purposeful about and settled on the following:

  • Books read
    To achieve my goal of 100 books for the year, I had to commit early to monthly reading consistency. While some months are more productive than others, keeping the end-game in mind helps me stay on track.

  • Races
    I’ve not committed to running a race each month, as in previous years. I do, however, want to be at least thinking if not training for the next race. My goal for the year is 4 races, or one every quarter.
  • Snail Mail
    I have a couple of people I correspond with via the postal service. I also have a stockpile of pretty cards I like to send to people who need encouragement. At minimum, I want to send at least one item requiring a stamp (that’s not a bill) every month. Ideally, I’d write to my Compassion kid, my relative in prison, and send a few cards, but something is better than nothing.
  • Pray/Write
    Ed Cyzewski’s book Pray, Write, Grow explores the connection between our prayer lives and that of our writing. I love this idea, and track these two habits together. My goal is to practice both disciplines daily, although I’m not sure that I’ve had a solid week where both have happened. In this particular venue, I’d rather aim for daily and miss a few here and there, rather than lowering my goal.

  • Monthly Date with My Darling
    This is one of those things most would expect to come naturally to a couple without kids. In fairness, I would have that assumption if I weren’t half of one such couple. Instead, our lives are spent together alone so much, that we don’t prioritize purposeful time. Valentine’s made for an easy one in February, and these hockey games totally count in my book. (And since I’m the only one tracking, my book is the one that counts!)

I haven’t decided if I want to share those items on the blog as well, or just keep track in the BuJo. In all honesty, this posted started out as a way to set up me talking about my April wins and fails, rather than just an account of what it’s being tracked.

Do you keep track of monthly goals? Is reading about others’ goals inspiring to you, or do they prompt a self-critical spirit?