I’m writing this on Saturday, but will still tackle the Five Minute Friday prompt. As always, bloggers take a few moments out of their weekend to share their perspective on a a single word.


Today is my niece’s 8th grade prom and her 14th birthday. All the things I could write about middle school and inclusion. I’m still working through my grief after the Nashville Predator’s game 7 loss on Thursday night, so I’m going down that road.

Instead I want to write about a topic I briefly addressed last week – making room for all the things I want to include in my life. I’ve been working on how to pursue two different goals – daily writing and training for a race.

The Lazy Genius aka Kendra, talks a lot about finding the why of a goal. The why provides motivation for accomplishing the goals associated tasks, but it also helps with prioritization.

I’ve only missed one day of writing this week – Thursday, the day of the big game. Between work, getting my training run in, the game and a round trip drive to Nashville of 7 hours, and I can’t really be too hard on myself.

Jay and I split the drive – me heading towards Nashville, and Jay on the way home. Maybe one day I’ll convince him to type up my dictation as I drive, but that day is not today. Of course his leg of the drive typically happens after midnight, and I’m fast asleep before we ever hit the interstate.

Yesterday my writing started in my personal journal, and that’s where the words will remain. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Not sure I said much of anything in today’s writing, but that’s my 5 minute time.

What top priorities do most want to include in your daily routine?