Something Loved

My niece, nephew, and dad all have May birthdays!  We did lots of celebrating this month, including 8th grade prom for my mini-me and the little man earning the top (all around) award for his grade.  Both kids attended new schools this year, and I love to see how they are thriving!

Something Said

There will be plenty of time to panic later.

At the ER, while waiting for the doctor to talk to us about Papaw, worst-case scenarios flashed through my head. Whenever I found myself about to lose it and freak out, I reminded myself that the hospital waiting room is neither the time nor the place.

Thankfully, I had the benefit of finally letting it all loose once I had the reassurance of a positive outcome for Papaw. Also, I had no witnesses to the cry-fest. I’m an ugly crier, so trust me when I say its better this way.

Something Learned

When given the choice between a quiet space and an air conditioned space, I chose quiet.

This seems random, no doubt, but I’m writing this from the 3rd floor of my public library. After several (rather loud) visits to the main floor, I realized that the area with vaulted ceilings and study tables is frequently used for conversation.

One library visit found me sitting next to a woman as she read the newspaper – out loud to herself. Being annoyed at this makes me feel slightly guilty. I’ve been blessed with the ability to read exceptionally well, and I know that others aren’t so fortunate.

I’ve also been blessed with super-sonic hearing, so I’m extra sensitive to even the tiniest bit of noise. Today, as the other patrons grated on my nerves, I decided to go in search of a solution.

Me to the 3rd floor librarian:

This is going to make me sound like a cranky old person, but is it normally quiet up here?

Kind, young, helpful librarian:

Yes, but our air conditioning isn’t working at the moment. We also have study rooms available on a first-come basis.


Something Read

During my first Foothills Voices class, the facilitators passed out folders for all the participants containing general information. One item included in the paperwork was a bibliography of helpful books.

Last week, a classmate recommended a particular book from the list to me, because she thought it would be helpful as I started on my specific topic. Unfortunately that book had already been checked out by another library patron, but the suggestion prompted me to consider the rest of the list.

I found “On Writing” by Stephen King on the shelves that evening. So far I’m half way through the book and love it. The first part of the book is more memoir than how-to. As a life-long scaredy-cat, I have only read one of his books. However, I love his writing style.

His first grade year is strangely similar to mine. Thanks to ear infections and tonsillitis, he failed first grade. Without my great-grandmother picking me up at lunch time that year of school, I would have failed as well, and for the same ailment.

A participant in last year’s Foothills Voices project highly recommended the book, and I’m interested to see what I can learn in part two. Flipping through the unread pages, he seems to transition to more generalized discussion of writing. Maybe his wisdom will make its way to June’s Four Somethings post.

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