Music has played a larger role in my life over the past few months than normal. Like most, I have my favorites, but I’m not the kind to have it playing in the background. I have strong opinions on the songs, and always listen to the lyrics. If the words are less than, I tend to disregard a good beat.

On my daily commute, I typically prefer audiobooks and podcasts to the radio. My work environment is such that anything I listen to through the course of the day has to be done through headphones. Each time I wear them, I swear they are like a magnet for people needing my help. Rather than get annoyed with every little interruption, I chose to listen to the soundtrack of the office.

As I mentioned last week, my hearing – or at least my perception of sounds – is both blessing and curse. With the visit of el diablo* and her babies, I became jumpy at any little sound in my house. I typically find quiet to be peaceful and relaxing, but instead I found myself anticipating every small creak in the house.

*My name for the newly postpartum mouse who chose our laundry room as shelter from the raging storm outside. Kinda makes me sound like the Disney villain in this story doesn’t it?

I started falling asleep to TV shows – watched on my iPad, because for the past ten years of marriage I’ve refused to allow my husband to put a TV in our bedroom. I feel that strongly about the old adage “silence is golden.” I eventually landed on a Jesus-music Pandora channel.

Listening to the words, helped calm my mind. Rather than having fears or worries crowd my mind, the ole brain repeats the Crowder lyrics All My Hope is in Jesus or Lauren Daigle’s I Will Trust in You.

This past Sunday in church, we sang “Come Thou Font.” My minister likes to sing a combination of contemporary songs and hymns, and I found this choice particularly appropriate.

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it.
Prone to leave the God I love.
Take my heart Lord, take and seal it

Fast forward to Friday when I saw the FMF prompt RETURN, I’ve been singing the line for a Christian song “Return to me” in my head. My quick Google returned nothing (ha – see what I did there?) when searching for the title or artist, but its common. Really, I promise.


Looks like my five minutes are up. More than really because I paused the timer to look up a few things.I’m all about free writing, but no one should be subject to my atrocious spelling that not even Spell Check can recognize. Also, Google is my friend for song references, given that I’m not as well versed in music as I am TV or movie trivia.

Each Friday (or Saturday, or Monday) I join the Five Minute Friday crew to share my perspective on a single word. This week’s prompt is RETURN. I’m not sure exactly how long our host leaves the link open, but I encourage you to write for 5 minutes about the word. Even if you don’t have an official place on the internet to hold your writing, a piece of paper and a pen would do fine. Won’t you join us?