Today’s post is being a bit different than normal. I’m currently laying on a rock in the middle of the GSMNP.

My parents planned a birthday hike for me, but the trail they picked was a bit more difficult than they anticipated. I assured them they could complete the hike, but things have gone a bit more slowly than they expected.

My mother prefers me to go on ahead so she doesn’t feel like she is cramping my style, so here I lay.

I’m proud of the way they are afraid to try new things, and I’m trying to siphon some of that courage as I prepare to venture into new writing ground. I have ideas in my head, but doing the work is more difficult than I expected.

GK Chesterton, in his book Orthodoxy, writes

Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly.

I’m feeling a little weighted down by the work set out before me. When a rough patch of trail comes along, quitting is difficult. Three miles in to a trail that’s only 4 to the turn around, logic kicks fear’s butt.

Keep pushing, you tell yourself. It’d be foolish to turn back now. Only writing has no such motivation. I can quit at any point, abandon the hard work and not look back.

Writing first drafts is enjoyable for me. Stepping back and really tightening up the words and ideas, however, is the rocky stretch where turning back seems tempting. Surely the hard work isn’t worth it.


Unless it is. How will I know if I don’t push through? Do the work to get my feet off the ground and fly…

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