As a kid, I loved Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Each volume followed a similar format. At the end of each chapter, the author presented the reader with the choice of different paths. Sometimes the choice could lead to certain death, other selections lead to the happy ending.

Last night, Jay and I watched a Netflix movie about a guy who gets “friend-zoned” by the woman of his dreams and travels back in time in an attempt to correct the mistakes he makes. Each time, just a couple of minor details completely rewrite the 3 years in which the story takes place.

While watching the trailer, Jay laughed at the moment the main character goes in for the kiss, only to be met with a goodnight hug. When Jay and I first started dating, a guy friend of mine warned me about the friend zone. I expressed concern to this friend that I had been on 2 dates with guy I liked and yet at the end of each I’d only received a hug. I thought the dates had gone well, but the hugs left me uncertain.

Almost 12 years later, my husband laughed at the memory of me chasing him down for a kiss that 3rd date. Date 3 ended similarly to our first and second dates. Once again, he went in for the hug. Instead of accepting it graciously, I chased his lips with mine, securing our first kiss.

I’m typically not that bold, but I liked the guy. In the moment, I feared missing out more than I feared rejection. I’m glad I don’t have to look back and wonder…

what if?

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