This morning, for the first time, I felt truly like I’ve found my way in the writing project I joined earlier in the year.

When first applying for a spot in the Foothills Voices course, I cautiously hoped I’d be chosen. Seated with my dinosaur spiral notebook next to a professional lady with a laptop, I felt like an imposter. While visiting my grandfather in the hospital, I worried I’d waited too late to gather their story.



I’ve been making little changes to my life this past couple of weeks. Precipitated by the big step of joining Nerd Fitness Academy, I’ve taken smaller ones headed in the direction I want to go.

I’ve practically binged on the Hope*Writers podcasts. Not only did I set a daily writing goal, I’ve stuck with it for the past 10 days straight. Each day I’ve at least doubled the original goal I set for myself. Not all of it is worth sharing yet, and may never be, but the habit is building my writing and my confidence.

One baby step at a time, I’m finding my path. And each step encourages me to take another. For someone who fears the unknown, the slow movement reassures me that a misstep is easily retraced and corrected.


Each Friday (or Saturday, or Monday) I join the Five Minute Friday crew to share my perspective on a single word. This week’s prompt is WAY. I’m not sure exactly how long our host leaves the link open, but I encourage you to write for 5 minutes about the word. Even if you don’t have an official place on the internet to hold your writing, a piece of paper and a pen would do fine. Won’t you join us?