How do you note the passage of time? Are the candles on your birthday cake enough to give you a sense of the present? Or is it your kiddo’s current grade in school? We do it a bit differently at Camp Fradd.

Jay and I have been celebrating monthiversaries since around the 3-month mark. Is that right? Or did we start before that? I remember clearly our half-yeariversary celebration. Each month he did something special for dinner and bought me a different kind of flower.

I call the one-year celebration of our first date “dativersaries” to distinguish them from our wedding anniversary. Jay and I will celebrate our 142 monthiversary this month – nearly 12 years since we each took a chance on a stranger from MySpace.

jay and the princess

                                               A picture from our dating days.                                                                             The munchkin in this photo will be a freshman in junior high this year!

Our wedding anniversary this year is a big one. We are coming up on 10 years of marriage. Just yesterday I chatted with my grandmother about how clueless all couples are going into our wedding day. Had I know how hard marriage would be, I would have probably pulled a Runaway Bride.


But like most things in life worth having, the work of marriage makes the happiness sweeter. I can’t imagine my life without him, yet in my head, we are still newlyweds.
Not having children probably blurs the years a bit more, but when I consider my niece and nephew’s ages, I get a better grasp of truly how long we’ve been together. My sister gave birth to my niece two years before I met Jay. My nephew was born the year Jay and I got married. Put that way our love is old enough to be in middle school!


Each Friday (or Saturday, or Monday) I join the Five Minute Friday crew to share my perspective on a single word. This week’s prompt is ANNIVERSARY. I’m not sure exactly how long our host leaves the link open, but I encourage you to write for 5 minutes about the word. Even if you don’t have an official place on the internet to hold your writing, a piece of paper and a pen would do fine. Won’t you join us?