One of my favorites on Instagram, Emily P. Freeman passed along a fun prompt series hosted by Laura Tremaine. Over the next 10 days, prompts will be provided to encourage social media discussion going beyond the surface level.

While procrastinating the more serious writing I ought to be working on, I decided to join in the fun. Originally meant for social media, and shared on my Instagram page, I decided to bring the fun here as well. Feel free to join in, and let me know if you do!

I grew up…

thinking my big sis hung the moon. On that front, not much has changed. She’s still the kind of person I want to be when I grow up. She’s my best friend.

The only thing that has changed is now our friendship is mutual. She no longer tries to run away from me, or lock me in closet-sized rooms to get some peace and quiet.

She even gives me the honor of being weekend mom to her kids. And teach them important life lessons such as Dangerous is fun!