I never got around to the August fun-times post, and while a part of me still hopes to, let’s be realistic. Perhaps I’ll find a casual way to throw in photos of me camping just outside the gates of a (decommissioned) prison after a stellar concert.

If not, I’ll learn to live, knowing I can still make memories even if the only people who know about them are me and Jay (and the random stranger friends I made along the way.)

Jumping right in, I committed to posting a Four Somethings post and linking up with Heather this month. If for no other reason than procrastinating the writing project deadline looming at me next month. Which is actually this month. Lots of sentence fragments. The class facilitator (who’s also a former journalism professor) is gonna love my submission.

I’ve got this! Thanks for the reminder Captain America!!


Over the past couple weeks, I’ve written micro-posts – sharing both here and on Instagram – following along with the #10thingstotellyou hashtag created by Laura Tremaine. I’ve loved these topics, both considering them for myself and sharing them with you.


Inspiration may be for amateurs, but it sure helps!

Kathleen, in our Foothills Voices Volume 2 class

I find myself in need of a pep talk every other day. Sometimes I do my own talks, other time Jay knows just what to say. Other times an inspirational meme helps me remember: God gifted me with the talent of writing and the blessing of having an origin story worth sharing. My grandparents are still around and in good health to answer all my pesky questions.

This is an honor and a privilege. If I’m honest, I’m more Peter Parker feeling the weight of the responsibility that brings, and less Spider-Man living out the excitement. The project is worth the work, of that I am sure. Add to that, sometimes I need to be pushed outside of my comfort zone. This stress is a good thing, but its still stress.

Even still, I appreciate your prayers over the next month. Our first drafts are due mid-October and our FINAL drafts are due a month later.


img_1080Mid-September, I traveled to Universal Orlando to celebrate with a friend. She’s much *cough* older than me and turns 40th in October. Leaving the kiddos at home, we

joined another friend of hers and headed to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I’ve yet to finish the books or watch the movies, but when in Rome…I took the BuzzFeed quiz in order to be sorted into a Hogwarts House. From the quiz, I learned I’m Slytherin!

Basically, that I learned that I’m a total sucker for herd mentality. I hadn’t really cared for the books before the trip. To the point I haven’t even read the last book, nor have I watched any of the movies. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows now sits on my night stand and tonight I have a movie date with my nephew to watch the first three movies.


My sister and I finished up Sisters First and both loved it. The Bush twins write about experiences only first daughters could know about, all the while remaining mostly relatable.

The last week of the month, I started The Asp by Michael Jansen. Michael is my neighbor and founding member of the Smartinis, the trivia gang I play with each Wednesday night.

The novel has yet to be published, but after reading only the first few pages over lunch I’m excited to see where the story takes me. Michael is a science nerd, and the book shows promise of being Michel Crichton-esque.

What was your favorite part of September? What part of October makes you happy?