Nearing the end of month, its once again time to consider some things from the past month. These snippets – four somethings – are a small look at how I’ve spent this beginning of autumn. My morning walks, which I started in July, have long since been abandoned. Like it or not, the days are getting shorter. All the more reason to cherish the small moments.


Fall weather has finally arrived in East Tennessee! The leaves still haven’t started showing off yet, but all in due time. Sweaters, hoodies, and blankets are my favorite ways to celebrate the changing of the season. My fuzzy socks have already made an appearance, and my electric blanket will probably make its way out of storage before the end of October.

Autumn view on my drive to work

We’ve yet to see this kind of beauty this year, but I trust its on its way!

“Ooh, aah. That’s how it always starts. Then later there is running and {um} screaming.” Dr. Ian Malcolm, The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Don’t throw these comments back in my face when January has me chilled to the bone and longing for tank tops and sandals.


Is it wrong that my parents love me more? Is it worse that I love that they love me more?

~Posted from my phone, but most definitely not by me!!

My sister and I love teasing each other (and our parents) about who the favorite child is. With 3 birthdays this month, we have plenty of opportunities to hack phones and post pot-stirring declarations on social media. The above quip found its way onto my phone and Facebook wall during a soccer game on my brother-in-law’s birthday.

The rebuttal, posted from my father’s phone (by my sister) is without a doubt my favorite.

Brooke and Kelly might argue over who is my favorite, but this guy right here is my favorite. He stays put, does what he is told, and never talks back!


This is Finbar, a superhero who began making the rounds of my parents house (ala elf on a shelf) when my sister’s family lived there as they searched for a home of their own.

He likes to hang out in different spots of the house, but he certainly is the most well behaved member of the family!!


Limitations only define me to the extent I allow them. I’m currently suffering from a shoulder injury, which, three months ago didn’t seem worth mentioning. Now “overexerting” means wiping kitchen counters & sweeping, or placing my iPad on the coffee table to my immediate right. Waking up in the middle of the night with a bit of a chill creates a predicament because I’m lying on my good side, leaving no good option for pulling up heavy blankets. Running takes more thought as well, to ensure I keep my arm swinging to a minimum.

I say this not to whine – trust me that’s not something anyone wants to hear/read. Rather because today I had an epiphany, as wrote this post. I’m constantly struggling between using my lunch hour for writing or for exercise.



I need: Sunshine, fresh air, exercise, to keep my shoulder stable, to tackle my thoughts by writing them out.

My solution: Writing, or rather typing on my phone while walking outside. Not exactly high intensity, but I’m logging miles and moving my body. My phone encumbrance prevents my power walking stride from tweaking my shoulder. Have I mentioned how much I crave sunshine this time of year?

Not exactly a perfect set up, but by far the best solution I’ve come up with yet. Something is better than nothing, and this allows me to pursue both somethings.


walking on waterWhile I continue to read my neighbor’s sci-fi novel, I’ve also spent this month reading Madeleine L’Engle’s Walking on Water.

This non-fiction work considers the topics of art and faith, and how interdependent the two are. Rather than labeling herself a “Christian writer” L’Engle professes to be a Christian who writes. She considers the distinction important. While her works are not overtly religious, her beliefs are impossible to extract from her art.

Writing is an art. I am an artist. The author illustrates this truth beautifully in her pages. I’m still working on accepting it in my own life, however. Anyone care to remind me as I’m struggling with my final draft for my writing project next month?

What have been your favorite moments this month? Heather invites anyone who would like to participate to link-up. If you don’t have your own corner of the internet, I’d love for your to share your October thoughts in the comments.