Halloween never ranked high on our family holiday celebrations, or at least I don’t recall it being. I desperately wanted a store-bought costume with a mask and the body printed on those plastic hospital gown style covers.

Instead, my mom often used what we already had around the house to make our costumes. She claims to have purchased the plastic trendy costumes on occasion, but I don’t recall what I dressed as those years. Instead, I now feel fortunate to have been (mostly) spared the trauma that other 80’s kids remember about that time.

In contrast, I have this lovely photo of my sister and me which I got to include in my wedding slideshow. Jay asked innocently enough as he previewed it “you’re super cute, but who is the little boy?”

I don’t recall the exact circumstances. My aunt either had gotten married that year, or was planning the wedding. I’ve been told that I wanted to be “Cowboy David” in his honor.

He is not, nor has he ever been a cowboy. I suppose this is the trauma of being denied a suffocating plastic costume.

cowboy david

Anyway, moving forward in the timeline a bit to 2008, Jay asked: “who’s the little boy.” Was my haircut unfortunate? Clearly.

Do my sister and I look similar enough to be confused with one other? Without a doubt.

Will I ever let my husband forget when he referred to me as “that little boy?” Not as long as there is a breath in my body.

As an adult, I participated in a few Halloween races and group runs. Costumes that involve running shoes can be difficult, and none were particularly creative. I managed to have fun with them, so I’ll consider each of them a win.

This y44942767_10161018478920164_7250258464729989120_oear, my husband and I got invited to join a friend on one night of her yearly Halloween bash. The planning for this series of events spans months, and many of the costumes are lavish.

I had less than 2 days, with less than 2 hours available to plan. Thankfully she helped out with the shopping for something that would fit the “mythical creatures” theme.

A $10 hat and beard combo, a bit of Halloween makeup, added to some clothing already in the closet made for a cute (and comfy) costume.


How creative do you get when it comes to Halloween? Do you enjoy assembling costumes? Do you prefer the store-bought variety? Or do you opt-out of the holiday altogether? I’d love to hear about your favorite memories!