I’ve been stalled out in my fitness ventures as of late. A social media post I saw a few weeks ago (origins and attribution having long since left my brain) suggested that part of the problem might be the struggle, or lack thereof, of my goals.

When I first started running, I wanted to prove that I could do it. My first half marathon offered me the same opportunity, as did training for each time I took on the 26.2-mile challenge of a marathon.

That challenge is something I haven’t felt in a while. At any given time, I can pick up and run a few miles, and typically I do several times a month. However, the mystery is gone. I know I can, so I have nothing to prove.

On the other side of the pendulum, I’ve all but given up hope of ever being able to do a pull-up. Last summer I hurt my shoulder and had to lay off weights to recover. I started back at the first of the year, but I’ve lost so much ground. And I wasn’t even close to being able to do one single pull-up before getting injured. Now it seems downright impossible.

My employer’s wellness program requires us to keep activity logs, and I’ve exercised in some form (walking, yoga, running, and strength) about every third day. Give the low intensity of many of my workouts I’m a bit disappointed in the low quantity. I’m beyond the point of wanting to hit it hard every day. But even on a lazy weekend, an easy walk or yoga practice would fit in nicely.

I need something to motivate me. Something to work for (beyond those 30 workouts a quarter for the Wellness program.) Jay and I have an active vacation plan (more on that to come, but Scotland – squee!) but that is months away.

As these thoughts were rolling around in my head, I received an email from Level Up Virtual Runs. They are promoting a new challenge, one which I think just might be the ticket. The Level Up Team Member describes the challenge like this:

This fitness challenge is for our upcoming virtual run The Gauntlet; Inspired by the Marvel movie The Avengers. During the fitness challenge, people can earn milestone pins that they can attach to their lanyards for reaching 50 miles, 150 miles, and 250 miles. We love this added feature because it helps keep people motivated to get out and stay active.

Yes, please!!

I’m so immersed in the Marvel fandom, many of the movies, including the last Avengers Movie Infinity War, brought me to tears. I’m not talking about a drop or two, but rather sobbing that causes my family to question why they sit with me in a theater.

Add to that, I haven’t earned a medal for my “I run 4” buddy Parker recently, and this virtual run challenge seems perfect for me!!

I need to determine what type mileage I’m going to count. Just running? Running and walking? What about hiking? The challenge started on March 1st and I’m well on my way. Despite the mileage I’ve logged, I haven’t yet run my official virtual 5K but hope to earn that medal and get it in the mail within the next week.

How do you stay active? Do you have any tips to help me stay moving?