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“i’m feeling emo and anti-social today. if i’m quiet, please don’t take offense.”

Yesterday, I sent this message to the group chat I participate in daily. My heart filled with anxiety, I didn’t have the bandwidth for social interaction.

I had an appointment for 6PM with the librarian in charge of recording the Foothills Voices audiobook. So many fears and doubts rushed through my head. I’d known my work would go out to a crowd, but this my first offering seemed more personal than I had anticipated.

Words on a page are one thing, but lending my voice to the story is another. What if my reading wasn’t good enough? What if I didn’t do the story justice?

Family sent their love and friends offered practical tips on how to combat the anxiety.

Sitting in the conference room, I blocked out the librarian, her computer, and the microphone. I focused on my chapter’s printout, complete with my inflection notes. In front of me, I had a photo of my family propped up.

As I began to get nervous, I looked up to see my mother’s face smiling back at me. I embraced the emotion that swelled in me as I finished, looked into my niece’s eyes. Hoping that one day, she’d have the confidence to fulfill her dream the way this project has given me the opportunity to do.

This week I’m offering (wink, nudge) my Five Minute Friday post a bit late. I’m still trying to get back into the habit of regular writing, thanks to #The100DayProject. Even though I missed writing about the topic on Friday, I still wanted to contribute my words.

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