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Ten days ago, I committed to 100 days of journaling. It seems ironic to me that it has taken a week and a half for me to write about it, but these days I have other writing to write about.

I considered #The100DayProject last year and enjoyed following along as others posted their daily progress photos. This year, I wanted in on the fun myself.

I enjoy writing but did get weighed down by the deadlines and the homework from the Foothills Voices project. Now that I’ve had a bit of a breather, I wanted to get the words flowing again.

While sharing on this site is important to me, I also like writing for my own enjoyment. Over the next 100 days (down to 90 and counting), I’m not going to share every day’s writing.

I may write, let it simmer, edit then share. I may “just” write in my journal, working through my thoughts and feelings.

In his book Finish, Jon Acuff talks about setting a goal and then cutting it in half. We often dream big, then the goal is unattainable. I kept this in mind as I set my parameters for my 100-day project.


  • Write for 7 minutes each day.

So far, I’ve written daily in my journal. That’s right, good old fashion pen and paper. I hope to continue that pattern, but will also count time spent putting together a post to share here.

Extra long text messages or Instagram posts, however, don’t make the cut.

  • Begin on April 1st.

Everyone else started on April 2nd, but that just didn’t sit well with me. I wanted to start on Monday the 1st for a cleaner date. Who’s ever heard of starting on a random date/day of the week? Also, if for some reason I slip up, I have a bit of a buffer already built in.

  • Post on the socials when I take a notion.

How’s that for playing fast and loose with the rules? One of the main components of a traditional project includes sharing daily using tagged #The100DayProject and whatever personal hashtag the creator has invented.

Some of my journaling will be too personal to share. Also, my handwriting leaves a lot to be desired. Handwriting is the only subject in the entirety of my 13 years of public education where I learned anything less than a B. That middle school “C” still haunts me to this day.

I do, however, hope to post more than usual about my writing. Between my Foothills Voices work and #100DaysofFraddtasticWriting, I will have more to share. Instead of focusing on a creative way to post, I want to spend my time and energy on the writing itself.

Have you ever considered a project like this? From a run streak to creative work, it all counts. Even if you fell short of your goal, I’d love to hear about your experience.