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Something Loved

Now that the Nashville Predators are officially done for the season (sad emoji), I’m focusing all my fandom energy on towards the MCU – super geek slang for Marvel Cinematic Universe aka the movies that make up the “canon.” And yes, we’re that serious about these things. I’ve rewatched many of the older movies, even creating a Bullet Journal spread to keep track.

Our family has been dubbed the “Justus League” and we hashtag all of our movie viewings as #JustusLeaguePrefersMarvel. My sister and I have been scrolling Instagram for memes and fan theories. Working through the 14 million possible outcomes that Dr. Stephen Strange professed to see in the closing scenes of Avengers: Infinity War, the possibilities fill us with a sense of trepidation.

Me and Cap ready to take on Thanos!

I reserve the right to edit this “something loved” after the 27th when we finally get to watch the movie. My edit won’t include spoilers (after all #ThanosDemandsYourSilence) but I may want strike through it all and take back my love. After all, I did see my favorite, Falcon, disappear into a pile of dust before my eyes at the end of Infinity War. I have little doubt, however, that when Spider-man: Far From Home hits theaters later this year, I’ll be there alongside the rest of the Justus League.

Something Said:

All the meandering is still moving.”

Kendra Adachi, The Lazy Genius in her newsletter.

Small changes matter. My work doesn’t have to be epic to make a difference. These concepts keep circling around me from different sources. Both Kendra, quoted above talking about writing her first book, and Jon Acuff has given peaks being the curtain to being a published author. The glamorous vision of a cabin in the woods isn’t reality. In his latest email to writers, Acuff shared a photo of him writing in an auto parts service center. Do the hard work, in any snippets of time available.

Something Learned

Despite being a rule follower to my core, I joined #The100DaysProject, studied up on the rules and procedures, then decided to make my own rules up as I go along.

I took the main idea, creating something every day and sharing it for accountability, and threw out the rest which doesn’t work for me. I’m writing in my personal journal, which means I’m not taking a picture of my actual words. Some of my writing will be too personal for that.

While a member of the Facebook group, spending time there posting and interacting with others would be more of a hindrance than a help to what I’m trying to achieve. I’m already good at wasting time online. My goal is to spend more time actually writing.

My 2019 work can be found using the hashtag #100daysofFraddtasticWriting on Instagram

Turns out I know how to chose what’s optimal for the ultimate end game after all. (Cue all the tears about Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame movie. I’m writing this in advance and I’m already anticipating not being able to EVEN by the time I publish this.) Maybe, just maybe, I don’t have to follow the letter of the law after all. I’m learning I can receive the law in its spirit, and allow it to work for me.

Something Read

Both James Clear’s ebook Atomic Habits and Malcolm Gladwell’s audiobook Outliers came available to me via my library holds in the same week. Both authors provide a lot of meat to chew on, and I would have preferred a bit of spacing between the books. Somehow that’s never how library holds work for me.

It does, however, seem fitting that once again, this idea of micro events working together to produce epic results has presented itself to me as this double-book whammy.

So far, Gladwell suggests that change-makers wouldn’t be who they are without coincidence (or for those of faith providence). I’m anticipating the practical takeaway section because the early parts could be discouraging given a pessimistic mindset. After listening for 5 hours, we seem to just now be getting to the “so what can I do about it” section. With two hours left, I’m ready for him to get to the point.

What I’m holding on to at the moment is that despite circumstances being ideal, these superstars still had to put in the work and practice. Keep digging, don’t give up and become good. And maybe, just maybe, lightning will strike and offer the opportunity to be great.