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75 days ago, I set a goal. Write a journal entry every day for 100 days, for at least 7 minutes each day. Any notebook would do, but the work must be handwritten.

I listened to the experts who encouraged artists to choose projects small enough to be sustainable while being interesting enough to stave off boredom. (Thank you Jon Acuff!)

Photo credit: #The100DayProject Newsletter

Over these past 3 months, I’ve proved that these principles work. Or at least they do for me. I love accomplishment and checking things off my “to do” list. Maybe it’s my Enneagram 1-ness, or my type A personality.

Or maybe I’m allowed to be good at something. Even if that something is “just” participation. Why does it surprise me that I’ve made it 3/4ths of the way through this project without missing one day? Narry a one. I’ve finished marathons, stayed married for over a decade, and worked for the same employer for almost 15 years. Sticking with it its kinda my jam.

A strong finish for my favorite race distance, 15K (9.3 miles), photo circa 2014

For the last 25 days of these #100DaysofFraddtasticWriting, I’d like to mix it up a bit and share more online than I have the first 75 days.

If I’ve made #The100DayProject seem easy, what could I be capable of producing with a little time, determination, and, most notably absent in most of my work, confidence?

Photo Credit: Five Minute Friday

Times up for today’s Five Minute Friday reflection. Anyone interested in sharing on this week’s prompt “goal,” can learn more on their website. If you’ve participated in a creative project this spring (or this year), let us know in the comments how we can check it out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how pursuing a goal changes as we mature. The closer I get to the big 4-0, the more I’m spending time thinking about the parts of my life worthy of the time and energy growth demands.