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If you finish a big project and forget to tell the world, did it really happen?

Earlier in the year, I joined #The100DayProject committing to writing 7 minutes every day in my journal. I kept that commitment beginning April 1st through July 3rd.

With only 6 days remaining in the challenge, I broke my streak. Jay and I hit the ground running (or more accurately hiking) on Independence Day and didn’t stop until late that evening. Before I realized, the day was done and my streak of perfection dead.

Jay and my papaw making homemade ice cream on July 4th.

I (mostly) don’t regret that day. I write so that I can remember days like that, so full of love and adventure I want to jot down every detail. But my inner critic (hello Enneagram 1) reminds me “It was just 7 minutes, surely you could have made the time.” After 3 months of the project, however, I knew that just wasn’t true. Writing for 7 minutes every morning required me getting up 20 minutes earlier.

In just a few days, I’ll start working toward another writing goal. Jon Acuff is hosting the September-January Challenge, working off his assertion that September is the new January when it comes to goal setting.

Like my 100 day project, I’m committing to write daily. Taking the next step, I’ll also be working towards posting 10 times over the course of the month. That’s a new post every 3 days. Perhaps you’ll get sick of me.


Earlier in the month, Jay and I returned from an epic trip to Scotland. I assumed that after daily posts recounting our steps, and sharing dozens of pictures, everyone would be tired of West Highland Way stories. Yesterday, however, a friend complained that I hadn’t shared enough. Another friend replied “all of them” when I asked for specifics on what kind of stories people would most like to read.

Along the Way

I’ve been struggling a bit with re-entry and post-vacation blues. Seems like taking the time to shore up my memories could be a Michael Scott inspired win-win-win. I fight away the blues, recognize my favorite parts I want to recreate in our next trip, and take you along for the journey.