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Me: No matter what the Five Minute Friday
prompt is, I’m gonna make it work for writing about my #Scotland trip

Prompt: BACK







Here’s the thing – Jay and I loved our trip to Scotland. The West Highland Way experience was everything I wanted it to be. Yet we have no plans to go back.

We’ve got big dreams of seeing the world, and a short window of time to get them done. I’m not just talking about starring down the barrel of our 40th birthdays. But for sure some of our trips require as much (or more!) physical exertion as this one. Active or no, we’ve got a lengthy list of places we want to visit.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. ~Robert Frost

The other night, Jay opened a crisp new spreadsheet and started listing the places we want to visit. We rated the activity level between low, medium, and high. Jay added notes on how many days we would need to experience the location properly. Then I rated, on a scale of 1-10, how important that particular adventure is to me.

After Jay worked his spreadsheet magic (#TalkNerdyToMe), adding dates and sorting by year, I saw the big reveal. Including years that allow for two trips (if we only need a week or so, we might double up and take 2 vacations some years), we have our list of planned vacations starting in 2020 going all the way out to 2050.

Sounds like a plan, Stan!

I will be 70 years old. And apparently traveling to Israel. The Amazon Cruise will be on my 69th birthday. But if you’re interested in a group trip, we’re looking at an Alaskan Railroad trip in 2045.

So go back to Scotland? While it was a lovely place, going back just isn’t in the cards…erm…on the spreadsheet.

This week’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt, if you haven’t already guessed, is BACK. Visit the link-up to read others’ perspective on the word.

If you’d like to join in, the host explains it:

This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. Just write.

Honorable Mentions

BACK o’the Door

Early on the trip, the 4 of us visited a local winery for sampling and to purchase something for evening nightcaps while there. They allowed us to sample each and every wine they have to offer, with one exception.

Their Back o’the Door is a mish-mash of wines, with no 2 batches the same. Have you ever played the drinking game that calls for “community cup” where everyone dumps just a bit of their drink in the mix and some poor sap eventually has to drink it? Think that but without the backwash. So, of course, Jay had to buy a bottle.


Since the other couple (Melissa & Jimmy) were the drivers for the first week, Jay and I spent the entire week in the back seat, surrounded by luggage. Spoiled to American sized-cars, we had more luggage than could fit in the trunk, so a couple of bags sat in the back seat with us. Then we started purchasing souvenirs from the trip. By the end of the week, Jay and I had to climb in and out of the car as if we were Olympic gymnasts mounting our apparatus.

BACK to Glasgow

We flew in and out of Glasgow, so naturally, we both started and ended our trip there. On the front end with Melissa and Jimmy, we spent a day and a half enjoying the City. They flew home after a week, after dropping Jay and me off in Milngavie at the start of the West Highland Way. When we were done with our hike, we headed back to Glasgow for a day or so of R&R before flying back to the states.

BACK to BACK nights

In fact, the hotel we stayed at the last two nights in Glasgow is the only place we stayed more than one night. That’s for the entire 17 days we were in Scotland. Each day we’d wake up, pack our things, and hit the road (or trail). Each afternoon/evening, we’d get to our inn or Air B&B, unload, then wake up the next morning and do it all again.

This is why I weight train: B&Bs without elevators

I prefer active vacations because most places we visit have so much to see there is no way we can fit it all in. The last day in Glasgow, however, we had toured ourselves out. We’d seen plenty of castles, plenty of distilleries. We did visit the Glasgow Cathedral and a local brewery, but otherwise, we took it pretty low key. That day of rest felt nice, especially knowing that re-entry would find me hitting the ground running. We flew back over the pond on Sunday, arrived home at midnight, and I had to be back at work on Monday at 8 am.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I used my 5 minute time limit writing the top part of the posts. Then I freestyles a bit with my honorable mentions. Hope you’ll forget this recent habit of mine, playing fast and loose with the rules!

How do you vacation? Is there any place you’ve been that you’d love to go BACK to?