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Me and this guy. 156 months.

This past week at the Thomas Rhett concert

13 years ago this morning I went to work on Friday the 13th, not knowing my life would never be the same. That night, I had a blind date with a guy I met on MySpace.

I arrived at the restaurant late, partly because of leaf looker traffic, and partly because I had to double back to my apartment, worried that I’d left my hair straightener plugged in.

In Smashville watching the Press in the Stanley Cup finals

Over pasta, I rambled about this and that. My obsession of the TV show Lost came up, and he pretended to know what I was talking about. Encouraged me to keep on talking even.

We enjoyed ourselves so much, we decided to extend the date and meet some friends of his for bowling. I even let him drive me in his Jeep. Despite my good booty jeans being in the wash, he has later professed to appreciating my 2nd best booty jeans that night.

On our super date, within the first month or so of meeting

13 years of adventures and love. You are my constant.* I love you!!
*A LOST reference you’d get if you hadn’t misrepresented yourself on that first date.