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In reviewing 2019 and looking forward to 2020 (the year of my 40th birthday!), I’ve considered what direction I want to take my writing. Seasonal fatigue mixed with stress about moving to a new house (if just up the street), has left me with not much energy to devote to writing. Then I got the flu, which I’m still recovering from.

Whenever I get contemplative about writing and what primary function it serves, I always circle back to record keeping. Writing provides me an outlet to document our adventures and to process my feelings.

I’ve done a fair job of keeping up with my bullet journal as we closed out 2019, even if I didn’t have the brain space for most of my other writing. As I flipped through the year, I recalled all the big events that happened. At this point I’m too late for a year in review post, so here are the highlights.

Foothills Voices volume 2 released to the world.

I attended the launch party and signed my first published work. My cheering section turned out to represent. I am a published author. In the process of becoming one, a cherished family story is preserved for generations to come.

I survived 3 rounds of pestilence.

I don’t want to dwell on the bad that happened this year, but the hits hit in pretty rapid succession. May through July found me fighting to get mother nature out of my personal space. At times anxiety threatened to get the better of me. I even had a breakdown about it all in Scotland, the night we stayed at an old monastery converted to a hotel resort.


I joined #The100DayProject and, with the exception of July 4th, I wrote every day for 100 days.


I still have trouble wrapping my head around the idea of reading about a place, saying “hey this would be cool,” then making it happen. After reading Margaret Feinburg’s Wonderstruck, I fell in love with the West Highland Way. Jay made that dream a reality in just a few years.

What’s almost better? Some friends we made along the Way suggested a similar adventure, coming soon to a vacation calendar near you…

Concert Season

Jay and I attended 5 country music concerts, with artists representing every corner of the genre, in the span on 6 weeks. Thomas Rhett, Jamey Johnson, Clint Black, Cody Jinks, and Garth Brooks.

We’re moving!

I’m chronically indecisive. So when I told Jay I wanted to sell our home, I’m not sure he took me seriously. Then I found our new home, and he put his realtor hat on and showed me the place. We offered. They accepted. I can’t even pick what to have for dinner as quickly as I chose this new path for us.

Our long-range plan helped the process along, and the move would help us advance on our goal of building on the 20 acres we own. I’m excited about taking this next step…if we can ever get moved.

2020 is the year I turn 40, so I have big plans.
We’ll see if it can top my 39th!