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January has been a tough year, but we made it!
Just kidding, but seriously.

At the end of each month, Heather Gerwing hosts the Share Four Somethings link-up. While January felt heavy and smelled strongly of Lysol, I wanted to challenge myself to do a monthly recap. By writing about something I loved, read, treasured, and something ahead, I can remember this month for more than just “Camp Fradd got the flu – and then some.”

After all, I turn 40 this year. I’m determined to squeeze every bit of happiness I can out of 2020.


Jewel Legend

(My proof-reader-for-life took issue with my picking the jewel matching app on my phone. Perhaps he’ll earn the spot during Valentine’s month post.)

During my bout with the flu, I struggled with a bit of a reading slump. To date, I’ve only read 6 books. That’s 6 more than another Camp Fradd camper, but I typically average a couple of books a week. My brain wasn’t in the right state to read complex stories or be introduced to new characters, so the matching jewel game on my phone seemed to be just the ticket.

My darling would describe my interaction with Jewel Legend as more like an addiction than a love. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I disagree. Sometimes the best gift I can give myself is being able to shut down the constant “what if” worry loop in my brain.

I swore I’d quit after I hit level 100. Then again, nothing in this month has gone the way I planned, so what do I know?


Death of a Snob and Death of. Prankster
Hamish Macbeth Mysteries by M.C. Beaton

Beaton passed away over the new year, so I picked up books 6 and 7 in the series as a sort of mini-binge in her memory. I first joined Hamish Macbeth last year when gearing up for our trip to Scotland and read as he solved the surprisingly frequent murders in his otherwise sleepy Scottish town.

These mysteries are cozy – meaning the violence happens off stage. I’m sensitive to graphic or scary books, so I appreciate mysteries that aren’t gory. The easy nature of Beaton’s writing made these good choices when I don’t have the mental bandwidth. I hope they also mark the end of my reading slump.


Trips to the movies with family and friends

January has been rough thanks to illness. I wanted to get out of the house, but haven’t had the energy to do much. I am so thankful for my friend Shelley who met up with me early in January to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I’ve been fangirling Adam Driver ever since.

Obligatory movie ticket and popcorn photo in our matching Chucks.

Last week my sister shared a funny clip from Bad Boys II. Combined with the trailers for the newest installment to the series, Bad Boys for Life, I knew I had some homework to do. Tuesday night I watched the original, then I saw the sequel on Thursday. Friday night my sis and BIL invited me to join them at the movies. These past 7 days (plus) have been difficult, so the escape of movies has truly been the best self-care I could ask for.

Proof that January has been a year – I couldn’t find this original photo and had to steal it from myself on Instagram.


While the actual date has not been set, Camp Fradd is moving!! We closed on our new home last October. We’re currently in contract to sell the cabin where we currently live.

Given the option, we decided to not move during the month of December. The holidays are busy enough, and I didn’t want to add to it the stress of moving. We agreed that we’d move in January when things slowed down.

Then Jay got the flu on December 26th. I got it two days later. Then his flu graduated to pneumonia and the timeline for moving has been put off indefinitely.

I’m grateful to my family – my dad, sister, and niece have all helped me deep clean the new house to get it ready for the move. Before we got sick Jay and I boxed up some things that we don’t use on a regular basis. DVDs, books, and special occasion dishware have all been packed away awaiting their new home. Although I will say, only having easy access to a dozen or so books stresses me. I need all the books. And no, having access to 2 libraries (3 if you count Overdrive) doesn’t count.

Friends have graciously offered to help with the move as well (or volunteered their husbands). While the unknowns leave me a bit unsettled, this past week has proven to me that Camp Fradd has a stellar support system. One way or another we’ll make it happen.

How was your January?
What win – big or small – are you celebrating this month?