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Valentine’s Day was low-key at Camp Fradd this year. We’re in the process of a move, in addition to the medical issues we’ve faced this year.

Me: What do you want for Valentine’s Day this year?

Jay: To just take you out to dinner, and you to be happy with nothing more.

Me: Throw in a giant card and you’ve got a deal.

Come Friday night, however, he decided to up his game – dinner AND a movie. One of our favorites, Smoky Mountain Brewery, is located right next to the movie theater. The complex is less than a 10-minute drive from our house, so the plan was set. 

Drinking alcohol isn’t the best idea for a hemophiliac taking a blood-thinning medication, so Jay is automatically my DD for the next 6 months (or however long he’s on the medicine). We both enjoyed their buffalo wings as our appetizer, followed by burgers and fries as our main course. He (not so) patiently waited as I finished the in-house made porter, in a glass bigger than my head.

Tuckaleechee Porter at Smoky Mountain Brewery

None of the movies caught our eye enough to justify staying out past my bedtime, so we decided to rent a movie on the way home. “Redbox and relax” – Jay oh so proudly named the second portion of our evening. Action comedies perk to the top of my favorite movie genres, and he quickly picked out “Stuber” for us to enjoy.

Redbox & Relax

On the way home, we stopped at the corner gas station. He has purchased a giant Valentine’s card at our Kenjo for me the past 2 years. His buddy behind the counter broke the hard news that they didn’t get any in to sell this year.

What would I have done with a 3rd giant card? Maybe its for the best.

The night wouldn’t make the final cut of a sappy rom-com, but it was perfect for me. And I’m not just saying that because part of my gift to him was not complaining about what we did.