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Once again its time to review the month and share the things which stood out most for me. February has flown by, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a combination of stress and old age. Between the doctors’ follow-up visits for Jay and the pressure of the impending move, my hair stylist is going to earn her pay coloring my hair at the end of the month.


Valentine’s with my darling.

I guess he earned this spot over my jewel matching game after all.


Before We Were Yours
By Lisa Wingate

This book is beautiful and tragic. The basic premise warns you of the evil in the world, to be confronted in the book: children stolen from their parents and placed in an orphanage to be sold to rich (and desperate) people willing to pay top dollar to become parents.

The story switches between the 1930s, told from the perspective of Rill Floss at 12 years of age, and present day. Rill’s stories of the time she spends with her siblings in a Tennessee Children’s Home Society orphanage is incredibly hard to read. Each of Rill’s chapters is immediate followed by a chapter from present day, told from the perspective of Avery Stafford – a senator’s daughter. Avery’s quest to learn more, as the story unravels, helps to give readers a bit of a breather from the more difficult chapters. Ultimately this is a story of family, and a love story of siblings – specifically the older sister taking the responsibility of her family.

I would have never chosen this book for myself. A coworker loaned it to me, highly recommending it. I persevered through the difficult sections knowing I needed to finish and get the book back to her. But I finished the book in tears, so glad I saw it through. A sister’s love is a beautiful thing, and the author beautifully demonstrates the bond in these pages.


As my sister and I packed up the spare bedroom a few weeks ago, I found bits and pieces long since tucked away and forgotten about. Pictures of my niece and nephew from their toddler era made us pause to remember when they were cute and not full of teen angst. Nine years ago, Jay and I challenged one another to a marathon walking competition. The kiddos picked sides and donned their “Team Brooke” or “Team Jay” shirts. We had forgotten that Claire had ever been “Team Jay.” As I sorted old bags and paperwork to throw out or keep, I found a menu plan of healthy foods she listed out for him, wanting to be sure she was backing a winner. Her training plan must have worked, because Jay crossed the finish line first.

Poor quality photo courtesy of a cell phone circa 2011

I’ll still claim victory, however, because these days I’m her favorite. Evident by the times she’s devoted to me on the weekends helping us move to our new place. Any teenager voluntarily willing to help clean and pack must love her aunt something fierce.


The move!!!

We’ve made a bit of traction but are still currently living in the cabin. Closing date to sell Camp Fradd 3.0 is March 10th, so this time next month we’ll be in the new place, aka 4.0. I’m excited to start this next chapter of our lives. The goal is to live in this new house only a couple of years, to help save up and get started building our dream home. We already own 20 acres near my family, and want to spend the rest of our forever together there.

Hopes and dreams pack easily.

I love this quote by Maria Goff in her book Love Lives Here.

While I have some anxiety about the move, I know that Jay and I can be happy anywhere, as long as we are together.
Cue my family collectively reaching for their puke pans.

What are the highlights of your February? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more verbose, join us at the Share Four Somethings link up hosted by Heather Gerwing each month.