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Today we meet with the contractor who will design our new home. Not to be confused with the new home we just moved into.

No, this will be our forever home. This home, to be built on 20 acres we already own, is the reason we chose to downsize, to leave our beautiful cabin by a creek.

While moving our belongings from the cabin to Camp Fradd v.4.0, Jay told me to consider what I needed to make the house my dream home. Storage! Not only did we lose about 500 square feet of living space in the move, but also our garage (and the storage loft above). We had difficulty finding space for our things, despite donating and trashing a decent amount.

Ultimately, we had to rely on our family and friends to help us out. My parents are storing the furniture, books, and Christmas decorations we want to use in our forever home.

My bestie has agreed to be a foster mom to Jay’s taxidermied bear, whiskey barrels, and Jay’s family antique table. Each will going to a new home within the next few months, we just needed a few months to make those arrangements.

My sister and brother-in-law have taken in other random crap…I mean…um…

Honestly, I’m not sure what all they have, despite being on the crew who physically unloaded it. This load of stuff wouldn’t fit in the crawl space of our new home, but Jay wants for his barn when we build our forever home.

Forever. Or until he dies and I move into a house with my besties ala the Golden Girls.

A barn for Jay
A library for me

And one another. Because if we have those things, how could we be anything but delightfully content?