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This year has been wearisome. You don’t need a post inspired by some random of orange juice to tell you that. You’ve lived it. The hard moments of 2020 have been difficult and seemingly unavoidable.

I’m not a natural optimist, and to be honest, I find those who are a bit exhausting. Still, I don’t want to live under a cartoonish black cloud of doom. I want to find joy, but its not always an easy task.

Just this week, I got into a spat with my darling about orange juice.* Like a legitimate go-to-bed-angry argument. Yesterday I messaged a few friends “Do you ever run from prayer because you think God will tell you to suck it up and get over yourself?” Convinced I knew what HE would have to say, I remained silent.

*We’ve been told we should be on the Amazing Race. I pretend it because of our adventurous spirit. I’m pretty sure it’s just because we would be that bickering couple who entertained the viewers every week.

This afternoon, someone put these bottles of orange juice in the breakroom at my office. Before snagging one for myself, I had to snap a picture to send to Jay. I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon laughing at myself, wondering if maybe God is having a bit of a chuckle too.

Perhaps I misunderstood the purpose of prayer. The orange juice bottles, leftover from a meeting earlier today, remind me that maybe HE would have responded slightly differently. Did respond even, to the prayer I didn’t pray. Somehow the joy found me, even when I wasn’t looking.

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 4:19