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Looking back at my 2020 entries in my gratitude and bullet journals, I discovered how much of the year had gone right. While its important to acknowledge the difficulties, and grieve where necessary, I want to call out the good when possible. Once again for 2021, I’ll be joining Heather’s Share Four Somethings link-up.

Here are just a few special things about the first month of the new year.


Ringing in the new year with family

Last year, Jay and I had to forego our New Year’s Eve tradition of counting down to the new year with my sister and her family. We had “the flu” (or a reasonable facsimile which resulted in complications wildly similar to the Rona, but I digress), and kept our germs at home. At the stroke of midnight, we did a toast with Nyquil and felt grateful to not believe the superstition that what you’re doing at midnight is what you’ll be doing the rest of the year. AHEM.

This year, we said goodbye to 2020 surrounded by the people we love (who can stay awake until midnight). The last week of 2019 all the way through 2020 helped to shift my PERSPECTIVE* on some of the things we take for granted. Hopefully, we can take that new outlook into 2021, which is why I’ve made “perspective” my word of the year.

Posing with my sister in our New Years gear, while Jay photo bombs


I finished 2020 strong when it came to my reading goals. Typically, I set a goal of 100 books (both print and audio) for the year. I finished with a total of 131 books, with 100 of those being books I read with my eyes (rather than my ears).

With Rona restrictions, my reading habits have change. A social person by nature, 2020 found me with more time on my hands to read. For the new year, I decided to retain the same goal, despite blowing it out of the water last year. Maybe I’m hopeful we’ll get back to normal this year or that I need to do a better job spending my time doing other hobbies.

Whatever the case, I’ve started January strong in the reading department. With a week left in the month – and 2 full weekends – I’ve already consumed 9 books for the month. A couple of those I had a head start on last month, and only two were audiobooks.


  • Anxious People by Fredrik Backman
  • One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London
  • All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
  • Swamp Team 3: A Miss Fortune Mystery by Jana Deleon
  • The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman
  • Bridget Jones’s Baby by Helen Fielding
  • A King’s Ransom by Jude Watson (Audio)


  • Chasing Vines by Beth Moore
  • Traveling Light by Max Lucado


On Christmas Day, Camp Fradd shared our newest overnight rental cabin with our first guests. While bits and pieces are still a work in progress (cable/internet installation occurred this week, obstacles for the putt-putt course are still being created), I’m grateful our baby is ready to share with the world.

fishing with one of our #GameChangerPartyAnimals

Each time Jay goes to Game Changer to add yet another special touch, he snaps pictures of the guestbook. Reading what each family did to enjoy themselves while visiting. Maybe it’s a bit unconventional to enjoy memories I never participated in. I treasure reading the words they’ve written, knowing I’ve done a small part to give these families memories to last a lifetime.

Game Changer Cabin Guest Book, Established 2020


Speaking of family memories and rental properties…

The Justus League enjoyed our beach getaway last June so much, we’ve already started planning this year’s. The beach house we rented met our needs perfectly, so we’re going to try to book it again. This time, however, we’ll have an extra member of the family joining us. The princess and (not so) little man wanted a dog, and a few months ago, my sister caved. Otis stole all of our hearts, and we’re excited to see his mad digging skills when he finally gets to play in the sand.