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I got excited when I learned about the #Write28Days challenge. I’ve attempted to participate in the sister challenge in October. While I don’t think I’ve posted something online for a solid month, I like the challenge to produce content. Write something – anything – and be brave enough to share it. So of course this online event, close enough to the new year’s surge towards goals, seemed perfect.

Then February 1st came and went. I wrote in my personal journal at home but produced nothing to publish online.

February 2nd, I took note of the prompts. I even pulled up a document to begin typing. Then I looked at the two prompts and tried to decide – would I start from the beginning or pick-up midstream so I could be with the group going forward. Paralyzed by indecision, I did neither.

So here we are on the 3rd day of the month. I’m disappointed with myself for not even trying. A friend Megan recommended “The Right to Write” after reading in January. I picked it up at my library, and while only a few chapters in, I’m already drawing some motivation. Today’s chapter was about overthinking and how putting too much pressure on writing something good keeps us from writing at all. And it’s hard to write something good when you’re not writing.

I can’t go back and change what I haven’t done. Starting today, however, I commit to writing. I plan to follow the prompts in order. While I may not post daily, I will post more than I did in January. That’s both progress and incredibly easy since I had a grand total of one post last month.

If you have a space on the Internet to share words – and the beauty of social media is most of us do – I’d encourage you to join us. Let me know if you decide to participate so I can check out what you have to say.