I’m joining the #Write28Days Challenge hosted by Anita Ojeda. I’ll update this page with links to my daily posts so that I can keep them all together. Check back as the month progresses (and spills into March as I catch up) to access more links.

Random photo of my darling and I – We’re always on the lookout for our next adventure.
In this photo we’re about to head up in a helicopter to see the autumn foliage in Maine.

Day 1 – Starting with Disappointment

Day 2 – A Fresh Perspective on Goals and Enthusiasm

Day 3 – Learning How to Show Up on the Hard Days

Day 4 – Help Me With the Dilemma on Everyone’s Mind

Day 5 – Braving My First Overnight on Mount LeConte {FMF}

Day 6 – How to Plan an Epic Adventure (Hint: Marry a Nerd)

Day 7 – Emphasizing the Adventure in Life – While Not Neglecting the Mundane

Day 8 – Fighting Frustration and Being Unsatisfied With Better Than Last Year

Day 9 – 70th Birthday Energy for the Win – Sunday in Smashville

Day 10 – Facing Panic and Altitude Anxiety on My Epic Adventure

Day 11 – Suit UP: The Inner Argument of the Barely Motivated

Day 12 – Take the Leap to Discover the Possibilities {FMF}

Day 13 – Highlines, Glaciers, and Surprising-Awe-Inspiring Sights Along the Way

Day 14 – The Art of Writing: Doing the Work When Creativity Lags

Day 15 – Taking Small Steps Toward Change: Step by Step, Word by Word

Day 16 – Valentine’s Day Celebration With A Hint of Serendipity

Day 17 – Chasing My Ideal Career: Day Dreaming

Day 18 – Committing It to Paper: Recording My Experiences in a Travel Journal

Day 19 – My Surprising Encounter with Wildlife While Relaxing in Yellowstone {FMF}

Day 20 – Peaceable

Day 21 – How We Bounced Back When Unexpected Obstacles Blocked Our Way

Day 22 – How to Shift Perspective on Giving Up

Day 23 – Perception

Day 24 – Travel Journaling 5 Minutes a Day: Reaching My Goal through Persistence

Day 25 – Our 180th Monthiversary: 15 Years of Dating the Cute Dude From Myspace

Day 26 – Embracing the Warmth of an Early Spring as the Weekend Approaches{FMF}

Day 27 – When You Crave Hibernation

Day 28 – Scripture, the Enneagram, and Habit Tracking: How to Turn Weakness into Strength