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What are we making for dinner tonight?

I got into a fairly consistent menu plan routine a few months ago. I’ve not asked this question in a while. This week, however, Camp Fradd has decided to mix things up. While I’m not a fan of food restriction, Jay researched the Mediterranean Diet and wants to pursue it. We need to be healthy for all the adventure travel we have planned for the future, so how can I say no?

Day 2 of our new eating plan and we’ve already run into a problem. – what to make for dinner. While I’m sure we will get into an effortless meal rotation like before, starting out will be slow going. I tried researching recipes, and even the ones labeled “easy” intimidate me.

Last night Jay cooked, no doubt hoping to get my buy-in on the plan. While he didn’t have a lot to work with (we haven’t shopped for Mediterranean specific foods yet), he did a great job with the frozen fish we had on hand. Tonight we’ll be using up some leftovers from last week, but will have to supplement with some other kind of food.

Grocery Haul from Camp Fradd’s Keto Days

I’m not the most adventurous in the kitchen and I crave structure and routine. A solid week of new foods without the benefit of a plan? I’m not sure I’m gonna make it.

What are YOU making for dinner tonight?