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“But I have food! I have food!!” the starving man cried. His fate had been sealed. Tears sprang to my eyes as I watched. While the man’s story was not meant to be a parable, I couldn’t help but relate to his struggle.

My husband and I started watching the show Alone at the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown. Allowed only a few essentials, contestants work to survive by themselves in the wilderness, hoping to outlast their competitors. The scenery was what first attracted us, but we found a kinship with the contestants when the governor issued safer-at-home order for our state.

Each season’s winner receives prize money that promises to alter the course of his or her life. The rest take home a greater understanding of their limits and a few life lessons. Winter in the wilderness limits food supply sources, so one contestant decided to store up fish as he caught them. Rather than eating them straight away, he planned to save up for a time when the harsh weather made catching them more difficult. He reasoned that this approach would help him outlast the other contestants.

Jay fishing Slough Creek, Yellowstone – September 2020

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