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The signs of spring surrounded me today at lunch. When I saw the Five Minute Friday prompt “Green” I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. Leaves, trees, I don’t have to look very far to see new life emerging from a hard winter.

Yet, when I sat down to write, my brain started chasing squirrels. Metaphorical ones of course – I have no love for furry rodents. Thankfully we left those behind us in last year’s big move.

While our temperatures cool in the evening, we’ve been treated to more than a few sunny and warm afternoons these past few weeks. I even got my first sunburn of the year already – in February! The 28th, last Saturday, but still February.

Short sleeves on my run prompt me to write about my training plan. More like my lack of a plan – I’m so proud of myself for staying active without the burden of a rigid schedule.

Trees blooming lead me down the path of bedtime stories. I battle insomnia on occasion. While I never have trouble falling asleep, more often than I’d like I wake up at 2 am and have difficulty falling back asleep. When this happens, I turn on the Nothing Much Happens podcast. The host’s soothing voice tells a “bedtime story for grownups” as her tag line explains. Her latest story, however, didn’t hit home for me. In the village of Nothing Much, the winter weather still abounds. Instead, I hit up the archives for stories about spring, to better fit the cozy mood here.

Easter 2018 on the Family Farm

Heading into the weekend, I’m looking forward to relatively warm temperatures and sunshine this weekend, only this time with sunscreen.