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While the official Write 28 Days Challenge is over, I’m choosing to continue the work. 

I’m not sure where I got in my head that writing isn’t a creative endeavor, but it’s a falsity I’ve held onto until recently. Perhaps a part of me still does, but recently I started fighting against the belief.

Two years ago I joined the 100 Day Project, which encourages people to explore their creative projects every day. I accepted that journaling had an aspect of creativity, and joined in. I journaled at least 5 minutes a day for 99 days. July 4th, I gave myself a pass. 

That experience marked the shift in my thinking. On the recommendation of my friend Megan, I picked up “The Right to Write” at my local library. The author, Julia Cameron, talks about the creative process of writing just like any other art. I referenced her in my first Write 28 Days post, and have continued to glean helpful information as I slowly work my way through the book. 

Little by little, I’m accepting that writing is an art form and words are my media. 

Do you have a creative outlet? How do you keep plugging when your inspiration runs dry?