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I’m setting the timer and joining the Five Minute Friday crowd as we discuss this week’s prompt: possible.

What would be possible if I weren’t filled with self-doubt? Last year, I set a goal for myself.

Receive one rejection letter.

I wish I could remember where I got the inspiration for this goal, to give them proper credit. It’s an idea repeated by many in the writing industry. Rejection is common – so much so writers much grow accustomed to the sting.

Get out there. Take a risk. Those who don’t submit their work can never be published.

I gathered my courage – such an effort for this sensitive soul – and I submitted a piece to an online devotional site. A Facebook writing community encouraged me through the process, especially including the inevitable email response I received. “Thanks, but no.”

While disappointed, I felt a smidge of pride to have reached my goal. I tried. I put myself out there. More than that, the rejection did lead me to an article of mine being published. Someone from the Facebook community also runs a similar site and encouraged me to officially submit my rejected piece. Not only did they accept it, but they also offered me a spot as a regular contributor.


While the 5-minute timer is up, I don’t want to stop there. I don’t want to pretend I have it all figured out. My regular visitors here already know that. I need the reminder of this lesson myself and hope it helps others as well.

My new goal is to be a monthly (rather than my current quarterly) contributor to The Glorious Table. I also want to submit to other sites, and accumulate a few more rejection letters.

What could be possible in your life, if you dared to take a step toward your goal?