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As a kid, my family traveled regularly. Resulting in seeing most battlefields and amusement parks on this side of the Mississippi. When Jay and I got married, I knew one of my non-negotiables was a yearly vacation. I told him that I wanted to go somewhere every year, even if it was somewhere small. I’ve referenced the year we stayed in Kentucky in the middle of nowhere. If I can have memories of that then I feel certain that I truly mean anywhere will do. I mean I’m sure my family did something but all I remember is the Bates motel vibe from the place where we stayed.

Our first vacation as a married couple was our honeymoon in Villa Rica Georgia. A friend was kind enough to give us their vacation travel points for the stay. It’s hard to beat free on a newlywed budget!

Hawaii, Maine, Wyoming, California, Montana, Colorado (obviously not in that order)
Scotland, England, France, Italy, Spain, Monaco

When looking at a map of all the places Jay and I have traveled, I am in awe. We’ve covered a lot of ground in the 12 years we’ve been married. I’m also in awe of the actual map Jay created, pinning the specific locations, and adding photos where appropriate. Because he felt extra nerdy he also added stars to the locations we hope to visit together.

While I take credit for introducing the idea of a travel spreadsheet itinerary, Jay has perfected the art of creating a precise plan for our vacations. You could even say he EXCELs at it. Except he uses a mac, so he builds them in Numbers. That wordplay is nowhere near as fun, so moving right along…

That time we hiked on a glacier – Junfrau, Switzerland

Admittedly, his dogged attention to detail can grow tiresome, he works hard when it comes to putting together our epic adventures. 2020 forced us to reconsider our travel plans*. Rather than tackling Tour de Mont Blanc, we had to reconsider our domestic options. Thanks to his spreadsheet – sortable by location, physical challenge, and desirability – we regrouped. As a result, the Camp Fradd Traveling Teton Tour took us on a road trip to both Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons National Parks.

*The privileged nature of this problem is not lost on me.

We have loose plans for 2021. Hopefully, we will book our spring getaway soon. This summer, we’ll be joining the rest of the Justus League at North Topsail to relax at the beach for a week. Jay and I are considering a fall weekend getaway. The real excitement will be seeing what he has in store for our epic winter vacation.

I’d love for you to share in the comments your favorite vacation site and/or the place you most hope to visit one day.

Jay, if you’re reading this, it’s time to step away from the blog and get to work!