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Well hello there Easter, you’ve snuck up on us quickly! As we finish up March, I’m joining the Share Four Somethings party Heather hosts each month. These highlights – loved, said, learned, read – are a small look at how I spent Chapter 3 of 2021.


While I consider writing a hobby, I’ve also got dreams of growing it into a ministry. Committing to writing quarterly for The Glorious Table was my first step in the process. I took the next step by signing up for Ann Swindell’s Writing with Grace workshop this month. The online course focused specifically on devotional and spiritual writing. I’m already publishing the types of articles she covered in this class. The information she provided will help future pieces, giving me the basic outline. She also included suggestions on how to “dress up” pieces to draw the reader into the experience. Hopefully, this will help me along with my goal of submitting one article a month a bit quicker than I would have otherwise


Recommendation (from a friend/online book group): Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Some friends of mine from childhood set up a chat group to talk about books we’re currently reading. Shelley mentioned enjoying this novel, and Megan quickly agreed. Since the 3 of us have different reading tastes, both of them singing its praises convinced me to pick it up for myself. The book didn’t disappoint.

I picked it up at the library on a Friday after work and had the book devoured by lunchtime Saturday. It’s rich with meaning without being too cumbersome to read. The chapters are short, making the book accessible for those who don’t have large chunks of time to devote to reading. Yet the fictional story is compelling and gives the readers truth, nuggets of wisdom we can apply to our own lives.

Rating: 5 Stars

From My Stack: A Light in the Window by Jan Karon

This is book 2 in the Mitford series, which follows Father Tim and his small town in North Carolina. I originally found this series on vacation, when I picked up the Christmas book Shepherds Abiding – the 8th in the series – at a library books sale. These books don’t have high drama or action, but rather are relaxing and pleasant.

I like to save these books for times when I’m stressed or don’t have the bandwidth for intensity. I picked this one as my bedtime story, reading a chapter a night. They helped me wind down and relax my mind before sleeping.

Rating: 4 Stars

In a Series: Fortune and Glory: Tantalizing Twenty-Seven by Janet Evanovich

While this series has gotten a bit stale. With 27 books with the same characters and basic bones, it’s understandable. For this installment, however, Stephanie Plum’s usual routine gets interrupted when Gabriela Rose comes to town. I enjoyed this one a bit more than previous volumes. I’m anticipating Evanovich’s first book in a Gabriela standalone series. Hopefully, she’ll focus more on those than Stephanie’s world.

Rating: 3 Stars


I’ve so greatly appreciated the love and support my darling has given me in pursuing my writing. When I sent him Swindell’s email detailing the Writing with Grace course, I tentatively asked what he thought about me paying to attend a writing course. He quickly responded, “go for it!” Then the day of the workshop, he did everything he could to make sure I got my money’s worth. Knowing that he appreciates my writing and encourages me to grow in the craft provides me with as much motivation as the class itself did!

We’re cute! (And more than a little sweaty) Hiking on my 39th birthday in Virginia.


Jay and I have discussed a long weekend away this spring. Hopefully, he’s planning something good!

Also, now that my grandparents and some of the older family members are fully vaccinated, we’re discussing the possibility of having an Easter gathering. Others have only received their first shot, or haven’t had their waiting period after, and then those of us who haven’t taken any of the doses. Easter probably won’t look like our usual celebration, but even an outside gathering will be nice, after a full without extended family gatherings.

What’s your favorite moment from March? Let me know in the comments.