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Sometimes I need quiet. I need to shut myself off from the world and relax in the peace silence brings.

Sometimes, however, I need noise. In my anxiety, I need to fill the silence with a podcast. The chatter coming from my phone may ease my nerves. Or it may just alert the wildlife on the trail to my presence so that we don’t have any accidental encounters.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Boulevard Trail to Mount Leconte

Today, my frustration and anger need a bit more. I chose the Metallica channel on my music app because I have to be present at work today. I cannot withdraw and sulk in the corner. So instead, I blast (through a headphone so as not to make my coworkers question my sanity) Enter Sandman.

Tonight as I crawl into bed, I’ll put in earplugs to shut out the world. So that my sleep isn’t disturbed by my husband’s snoring or the construction noise next door that’s sure to start early tomorrow.

Silence may be golden at times. But this morning, it’s just unsettling.

Joining the Five Minute Friday crew, hoping that my creative efforts will help pull me out of this funk and I’ll switch to the Lauren Daigle channel for the afternoon.